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Helping you find, grow
& keep great people.

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Sól Recruiting, Coaching, and Consulting matches key talent to the businesses and organizations where eternal principles are mission critical and a priority for the work culture.


Our mission is twofold: to help organizations find, grow, and keep great people, and to serve our candidates by matching them with ideal employment and providing continued support thereafter. 

Our Services

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Colleagues at Work


One of the key focus areas of our team is to meet the priorities of the hiring organization by matching the right candidate with specific placement opportunities. Sól’s partnerships with hiring organizations allows for a deeper understanding of the type of talent that will best fit roles needing to be filed.

With connections to colleges, universities, professional organizations and community groups, Sól recruiters are able to distinguish the particular characteristics and skills possessed by our pool of talent and match them to the precise needs of organizations. Identifying, interviewing, testing and preparing candidates for the best experience with their new employer is a key strength of the Sól methodology.

Coaching Services provide both employer and new team members the opportunity to learn how to work together in achieving each person’s highest potential.  Sól works with employers to understand what characteristics and skills can be developed in new team members to effectively blend with the culture of the organization in their first few months of onboarding.  Coaching is also offered to potential and placed resources to identify specific goals for individual improvements in their professional, social, physical and spiritual lives.  Sól believes that a healthy organization encourages its people to flourish in their own lives, leading to a successful performance, company-wide.

Sól Leadership Team members meet with clients 1:1 to identify, assess, and clarify challenges currently being experienced.  


Cross-functional leadership teams work together to frame and prioritize solutions to address the best methods, timing and measurable tasks to resolve the challenges.


Chris Stefanick

Internationally Acclaimed Author, Speaker, and Television Host 

“What he did at my son's high school is amazing. He didn't just put a good curriculum and solid teachers in place, he built a culture where students found themselves swimming in truth, beauty, and goodness, and they found it better than and more exciting than the noise of the shallow world most teenagers lose themselves in. My son would come home excited about the Iliad, and at the same time, a completely "normal" and cool teenager!


Mike Lipic

Co-Founder and Principal
of Serviam

“First as headmaster of my son’s high school and more recently through some business collaborations, I am impressed with the level of care and discernment Jeremie employs in hiring and building teams, with particular attention to culture, team dynamics, and ongoing employee growth and development.  As a leader and coach, Jeremie earns respect through his professionalism and genuine empathy for others.  Evident in all my interactions with Jeremie is his commitment to eternal principals and a passion for human flourishing.“

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Tim Urban

Co-Founder of Patmos

"Our recruiter was fantastic.  He sent us thoroughly vetted candidates with background bios and pre-hire coaching already completed.  He was responsive and provided excellent candidates from which to choose.  I highly recommend Sol."

Sunset Views

Beyond Recruiting

Even great people need help to flourish in both their business roles and themselves, so we consider it a necessary part of the recruitment process to partner with your business by providing a year of coaching with

your new employees.


We provide transition planning, coaching for the first 90 days (the crucial settling in time), ideal team player coaching, help with growing the habits of service, and coaching on mastering the art of working to live.

"To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often
. . . growth is the only evidence of life."

- St John Henry Newman

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